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    Day 23,    Been chewing gum at work to try to keep distracted, but I’m not suppose to have gum at work, not sure what a good substitute for distractions would be. Cravings hit me harder at work than a...
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  • Coronavirus Info

    (I'll be editing this with information that I think might be helpful as I can.)   In case anybody is unaware - you can go to  Live | The White House  to view the daily COVID 19 updates.  C-Sp...
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  • How do I re-subscribe to email from EX?

    If you want to re-subscribe to EX Community Notifications you'll need to update your Community Preferences. Read more on adjusting your preferences.   If you want to get emails from the My Quit Plan again and yo...
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  • I want to be smoke-free

    I'm ready to quit smoking because I will be moving into a smoke-free apartment. I really don't like the smell of cigarettes and will also be quitting for my health. I will take advise from anyone that is on the same m...
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  • MartyO's Helpful Quit Content

    DavesTime     The Transition from Smoker to Non-Smoker  ---I just wanted to save this into my content...Didn't know how...   marty
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  • Zoey

    I thought I would share one of my recent commissioned pieces. Her name is Zoey and is sorely missed by her owners. I'm hoping to be able to get back to my art soon, I've missed it in my 27 DOF
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  • Boo Boos

  • CJ A. QuitNet Profile and Quit Guide

    My Quit                                                          &#...
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  • How to I copy your QuitNet profile to EX Community

    Go to: QuitNet login and find your profile Copy Quit and Advice sections as seen in video above Go to: Preserve your QuitNet Profile  Change the subject to include you...
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  • ElaineL2: QuitNet Quit Guide

    This is in progress...to be revised and updated soon.   My Quit August, 12. 2019. Like most others, I have tried to quit many times. (November 19, 2019 -- had to comment on that first sentence now with 103 days u...
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  • Gail C]: QuitNet Quit Guide

    Gail C.962 Days Quit    Edit                   Read about your quit   Quit Stats   Member since:5/20/2017   Quit date:5/22/2017   Me...
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  • [Evie_G.]: QuitNet Quit Guide

    My Quit I've smoked for 10 years and this is my first and final quit. I refuse to believe that it takes several quits, regardless of how many people do it that way. No one in their right mind would repeatedly go throu...
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  • Celebrating

    FYI...I’m not sticking around the site but I know many of you are still helping people! Gratitude to you all! I keep thinking I’ll come to support new quits but get so frustrated every time I come here! &#...
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  • ~ To Quitnet, To Our Dear Qsters and to Being Quit ~

    ~ To Quitnet, To Our Dear Qsters and to Being Quit ~
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  • Help :(

    I have been juuling for about 3 years now since I was 14. Since the new law being passed about being 21 to buy tobacco products I am forced to quit. I have no idea how I'm going to do it. I have severe anxiety and the...
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  • Mysticcat: QuitNet Quit Guide

    My Quit Under construction :) please check back later. So I was asked to share my quit journey. I'll do this in stages so check back from time to time. I had started to want to quit a while before I actually did. In f...
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  • [Rebecca M.'s]: QuitNet Quit Guide

    Quit Stats Member since:3/14/2018 Quit date:4/30/2018 Medication:Cold Turkey Pledge streak:Pledged today 2M 1W Life saved $4,612 Money saved 9,225 Unsmoked
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