• Helpful Blogs, Discussions, Comments, Videos, Links, Info Re Quitting

    I have a file on my computer "desk top" for info that I find interesting and useful that I like to share with others.  Decided to put it up here as a document (along with some blogs of my own that I think might h...
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  • The Transition from Smoker to Non-Smoker

    I found this on my computer today--something I had saved twelve years ago during a previous quit attempt.  I don't know who wrote it, and I wish I had truly believed it back then.  It makes so much sense to ...
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  • Creating a Mantra

      From your Phone, Tablet or Computer: Logged in to community already? Go to 2. OR Need to login? Go to 3. Click this link to start your tobacco-free mantra. Go to 4. Login to the community and then go to&#...
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  • Creating a Tobacco-Free Vision

    From your Phone, Tablet or Computer: Logged in to community already?  Go to 2. OR Need to login? Go to 3. Click this linkto start your tobacco-free vision. Go to 4. Login to the community and then go...
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  • Tonight is the night

        At midnight, it is over. Not the addiction, but the action. I will no longer live this way. I am tired, and I am wired, and I am ready to begin anew. I have known for 15 years now, what I have been doing...
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  • Take the Daily Pledge

    Take the Daily Pledge   The daily pledge is posted once a month and is your chance to pledge that you will not smoke today or anytime this month. Use it daily as an affirmation of your quit. Post comments to enc...
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  • The New Me!

    Life is good waking up free from any toxic habit. I love creating the path of being sober from nicotine. I am going to treat this journey no different than the way ,I started my journey with being abstinence from alco...
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  • Tim's Photo

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  • Dog love

    Happy got a pig. Happy is glad I am not smoking. 
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  • As time ticks away

    As I'm pulling out from my stall from picking up my pizza from Papa Murphy's (one of my newest addictions), I'm watching a lady pulling over in the parking lot frantically flicking her lighter. She's pulling harder an...
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  • Your path to Smokeless Tobacco Freedom | Mayo Clinic

    Helpful information from Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center
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  • Nursery Quit Rhymes

          A little creative fun distraction here for those whose quits are in their infancy.  Join in with your own rhymes based on old favorites - or new favorites.  (I've put this in document f...
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  • [abbynormal42's]: QuitNet Quit Guide

    My Quit Proud member of the New Year's 2019 Thunder Pigs! I'm determined to take my life back from this addiction. I started smoking in my teens and smoked for ten years. Then I quit for 11 years with the help of the ...
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  • Struggling

    Just my opinion.. Vaping is way harder to quit than cigarettes. It hasn't been 24 hours yet and I am struggling HARD. Shaky, jittery, sweaty, anxious. Anyone else ever have it this bad?
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  • Last puff...

    I failed my original quit date but as i layed in bed, looking at my vape I thought how disgusted i was of it/myself, got out of bed and threw it in water and tossed it all away.. out of my life! This morning I took my...
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  • Gail C: QuitNet Quit Guide

    Gail C.962 Days Quit    Edit     Read about your quit   Quit Stats   Member since:5/20/2017   Quit date:5/22/2017   Medication:Daily Patch   Pledge streak:Pledged to...
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  • Create a Stream to Follow a Tag

    Go to My EX Feed. Click + sign to create a new custom stream. Name the stream with the "tag" you are going to follow. (examples: prayer_circle or help) Type in the tag you would like to follow in the search box. ...
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  • Join A Bonfire

    Join A Bonfire Come celebrate your freedom! Community members join in to celebrate how many days they've gone without smoking and "burn" the number of cigarettes they would have smoked. To date, we've tossed millions...
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  • Coronavirus Info - Ever Changing

    (I'll be editing this with information that I think might be helpful as I can.)   In case anybody is unaware - you can go to  Live | The White House  to view the daily COVID 19 updates.  C-Sp...
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  • Tell them what they've won, Johnny!

    Your inner-addict wants you to believe that by “giving up” smoking, you are depriving yourself of something.  You have to reach in there, grab it’s little brain, and flip it rightside up.  ...
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