To me, lilacs are the essence of spring. I especially love the French purple variety.   My kids are aware of my delight with these fragrant blooms, as I have shared many times with them the history of their Dad ...
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  • The Familiar Mile

    Let me begin by stating I have stayed quit and my disappearance was linked to keeping my quit and getting to a point I forgot I was even quitting. In a sense, I was keeping smoking fresh and alive; I was consumed...
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  • For The Birds

      I would have missed this little thing 4 years ago I would have been on the other side of the house wasting money putting smoke in my lungs slowly killing myself.  Funny how I wasted money on things I thoug...
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  • Another clear CT scan

    As many here know, I was diagnosed with lung cancer last February and had the right lower lobe of my lung removed in March. Thank God - and this site - it was Stage 1 and treatable by surgery alone. I say thank you to...
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  • Smiles for Saturday

      Happy Weekend to you all...The suns out and I am headed to the flower beds
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  • The Smell Of Smoke

    I got up at my usual time today at 5:30am My home smelled of smoke. I live in Minneapolis probably 7-10 miles from the 3rd Precinct   Nauseous all day from the faint smell of smoke and a broken heart for Minneapo...
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  • What?

  • Deep breaths & keep plowing forward!!!

    I'm wondering when it's time to go back normal do we really want to go back to the way it was? I'm beginning to wonder if that normal really was normal hummm! I think there needs to be more love and compassion in this...
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  • Quitting Vaping

    So, I quit smoking cigarettes (15 year smoker at that point) using Chantix about 8 or 9 years ago. It went great for about a year until I relapsed. From then until about 3 years ago it was back and forth on and off ci...
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  • Beautiful Day

    This day is starting great. Awoke to temps just below 60 and the sky is clear. No rain in the forecast for the weekend either. I'm sure it will get a bit warm today, but, that is fine as long as Father Sun is shini...
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  • 10months of freedom!!!

    9,169 cigarettes not smoked. $1500.00 saved!!! I never in my life believed I would see this day. Initially it was hard not to smoke but between 4 & 5 months I stopped thinking about it and consequently, stopped co...
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  • Thoughts and Memories

    It's always my thoughts that get me into trouble with my quit and powerful memories from the past.  It's junkie thinking, and I know that, every quit I have there comes a time I see a movie going in my head about...
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  • DANGIT!!!!

    I went down this morning to the camel pens to check on Babbette, (George's girlfriend). She seems to be fine and doing well. However, she should be a bit miffed with George!! I found six of the others were "in the ...
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  • Return to Normal

    We are often asked "When will I return to normal?" Although that's a common sentiment - I wondered the same thing - it misses the mark. "Don't look back - you're not headed that way!" Smoking Cessation will bring you ...
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  • Off a while

    A much needed social media break .  I don't feel like a quitter anymore , just an ex smoker . That's a good thing     Stay safe everyone ,         Don't smoke ,     ...
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  • 100 Son of a Gun!

    WOW, I HIT 100 DOF TODAY!  Past couple of months have been crazy, but who of us has had it easy, we all have things going on.  I've been talking to myself and family lately in a little different frame of min...
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  • (: Busy morning! :)

    I'm late BUT I'm here and best of all I'm Smokefree and although I had a hectic evening and a busy start to the day I know that by sticking with N.O.P.E and vigilance N.M.W ~ I'll continue living a Smokefree Life whic...
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  • Quitting Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

    Finished mowing the lawn, sitting on your deck, thinking about a few cold ones?  If you are quitting smoking, an iced tea might be a better choice.  Your judgment is impaired from alcoholic drink one and you...
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  • It’s time, way past time. 

    So I lied, yup been trying to quit smoking for some time now.  I have hid it from my loved ones and have not been honest about it.  Today is another attempt.  No cigarette.  Also not to mention my ...
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  • Driven

    @Finally after years from a zapped energy nightmare I find myself energy driven . Driven to walk , driven to keep my quit even more ,  driven to try new things , driven to challenge myself . I attribute a lot of ...
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