• Still Strong

    Hi all it’s been a long time since my last blog. I’m proud to report I continue to be smoke free. I made  it past the mark of not thinking about smoking everyday. Yes that will eventually happen, it&#...
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  • Trying not to let the stress trigger me to smoke. We are having battles here and there throughout the day!

    I started writing my blog in my blog title. Sorry, very confused not sure of what I'm suppose to be doing. I'm working on my triggers, stress seem to keep trying to trigger me today. Doing ok, I am a wo
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  • We had showers yesterday, but, I didn't.

      I just took Hoggie out I really like THE clouds I didn't think of smoking as the breeze blew us about               WEDNESDAY VENT AREA I loved smoking in a brisk breeze In...
  • Thursday's truth

    Christopher Mills took this photo on the outskirts of Houlton, Maine.  Houlton is the seat of Aroostook County.   Any idea, person, or object can be a Medicine Wheel, a mirror for man. The tiniest flower ca...
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  • My Smoke Free Life - SE2 Ep2

    And so it begins. Half of the house is almost packed and moved into the new garage at the new place. This move is all I have been thinking about. I might transport some draws and a few more boxes tomorrow. Today after...
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  • 7 YEARS

    So many of you have been with me since I first started blogging and reading and commenting.  You have been kind and patient; you have been honest.  You have been intuitive knowing what I needed even when I d...
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  • Omg im angery

    I wanted a smoke for a split second but i grabbed my phone and sat on the patio Foot tapping heart beating hard. Boy im mad The thought is now gone until again i blog on the patio   I beat you! you cant have m...
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  • A wonderful Wednesday

    Anson, Maine.  Located at the confluence of the Carrabasset and Kennebec Rivers in Central Maine.  Going to be a nice day, but cold it's 9F here right now.  I will be spending the day at home where it'...
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  • Yep it's that day again!

    Our buddy our pal our friend our Hump day camel George is pleased that I didn't forget to mention him this morninghe wants all of us to be EXtra vigilant with our precious quits and to stick with N.O.P.E ~ Not One Puf...
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  • In Case You Missed It - Inauguration Poem

      Amanda Gorman's inaugural poem 'The Hill We Climb' full text    If you did, it is worth reading.  The author who recited it is but 22 years old.  WOW!
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          OPEN MINDED for ME - please I am NOT talking about YOU or anybody else I had a ADDICTION nightmare - I was offered a line of very very tiny little white balls - reminded ME of styrofoam - l...
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  • Bipolar and Stopping

    Posting this here at the suggestion of a community member. This is my response to someone asking for help with staying quit when combatting mental health disease and physical disease.    Hi there bigbear1. &...
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  • Healing

    Healing for mind and spirit. May all find peace in these songs. https://youtu.be/MyYXt1VgboU 
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  • Once They Start

    Cigarettes are like gophers Once they start, they're hard to stop.       We paid close to $9k to have the front lawn and brick and timber sidewalk completely removed and then after they ...
  • How to be Uncomfortable

    Many people use tobacco to avoid emotional distress, but the truth is when you try to avoid anguish; it actually causes more suffering in the long-term. Your tobacco use may temporarily help you avoid uncomfortable fe...
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  • Prayers to Not Smoke and Prayers for America Today.

    That is what has been on my mind.   Yuk politics.  They/ Media" I avoid most of the time. New Hopes  today for America.  A steady slow hand for America is best, I think. I wont spew about ...
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  • 50 Days!

    Wow, I'm so excited. Fifty days without a cigarette or using a vape.    Every once in a while I'll have a super-strong craving ... but you know what? It passes. They pass. They only last as long as you...
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  • Day 14

    Officially nicotine is out of the body.  Hallelujah!  Not much to say today and I guess my S.O.S. was my day 13 post.  Feeling super antisocial so short and sweet today.  Keep on keeping on!! Never...
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  • Foot surgery

    I am having surgery on my right foot tomorrow at 12:15 eastern time. I have a blood clot in my foot and my toes aren’t getting any blood. They are going to  stick a camera in my foot to find out where the c...
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  • Winds Of Change

    ~From Tuesday 7am until Wed 10pm. East winds 25 to 35 mph with gusts to 60 mph expected. Gusts over 70 mph possible on wind-prone slopes.   You just never know what you will receive from your neighbors or what ...