Behavioral Change Really is the New Normal

Blog Post created by NDC.Treatment.Team on Jul 22, 2020

While quitting smoking requires behavior change, no doubt many of you have recently instituted
some new behaviors in your life whether you are quitting smoking or not.

We see on social media the myriad of ways many are spending their time at home during the
pandemic -doing things they never thought they would have time for (learning a new language,
participating in a virtual book club, or making the proverbial sour dough starter). However, the
reality is that most of us are just trying to stay sane day to day.

Regardless of whether you are embarking on that newfound hobby or just cleaning out the junk
drawer, we have all had to make adjustments in our daily lives to that which is required at this
time to stay safe and healthy – such as wearing masks and social distancing.

In addition to these new ‘have-tos’ try to think through other things you might do to make for a
healthy lifestyle in this new world. You may find that the same tools you have used for stopping
smoking are helpful for self-care through this pandemic:

  • Drink more water -for example if you drink 32 oz. of water a day currently, aim for 40
    oz. etc.  If you hardly ever drink water, aim for 2-3 8 oz. glasses per day.
  • Keep to a schedule, but don’t forget to take breaks. Step away from what you’re doing
    and take a deep breath, phone a friend, listen to a good song.
  • Find joy in simple things. It is okay to be good to yourself. Watch a movie, try a new
    recipe, play a game with your kids, or walk the dog in a new place.
  • Don’t neglect regular self care: physical activity, meditation, spiritual or social


These are trying times indeed! And, changing our routine is really an evolving, daily challenge
right now; but we can take advantage of this moment to see implementing such changes as the
new normal, and use it to our advantage to quit smoking or strengthen your tobacco free life.


Stay safe and healthy, everyone!


Barb Dallavalle, MA, LP

NDC Counselor/CTTS