How does Being Grateful and Giving Thanks Keep Us Healthy?

Blog Post created by NDC.Treatment.Team on Nov 15, 2019

Gratitude is a powerful emotion!  Gratitude activates the parasympathetic (rest-and-digest), relaxing part of the nervous system, which results in many positive effects, such as decreases in our body’s cortisol levels, lowering of blood pressure, strengthening of our immune system, and so much more can occur when we feel and express positive emotions! 


Research shows that positive emotions, such as gratitude, thankfulness, and happiness have further significant effects on our lives.  Positive emotions improve relationships and enhance resiliency and stamina, which are important aspects of successful tobacco abstinence!


Your EX community is such a great resource for sharing ideas about successes and support for ongoing abstinence.  What are you grateful for in your tobacco-free journey?  What individuals have made a difference in your life and supported you?  What advice would you share with this community about what has impacted you, that has really made a difference for you?

One exercise many stress researchers suggest to build resilience is to wake up each day, and before getting out of bed, think about 3 things you are grateful for in your life.  Make them different each day.  Beginning your day with positive thoughts and emotions can start you off on the right track. 


During this month of Thanksgiving, what would you share with our Become an Ex community about what YOU are grateful for? 

“Being thankful is a feeling; being grateful is an action” 

         Tessa Masula, Waynesburg University

Michael V. Burke, Ed.D

Program Director and NDC Counselor/ CTTS