A Change Would Do You Good

Blog Post created by NDC_Team on Aug 28, 2019

Do you remember the song by Sheryl Crow, “a change would do you good”?   If you are here on the EX site, you are likely at least thinking about making a change to quit smoking. 


The thought of quitting can be daunting and it may even seem impossible to do.   What if you decide to stay the same and not change? That too may be hard to imagine as it might mean a shorter life, more health concerns, or less time spent with family and friends.


I would like to suggest trying change “ON” for a short time. Yes, try change ON like you would try ON a new pair of shoes.  Experiment with it, set a date and try quitting. Use the nicotine replacement products, medications, BecomeAnEx and other tools you might need to help you, and just go for it.  How does it feel?  How do your senses respond to the change? Take it all in, and process what is working well, what needs to be different.  Make adjustments as needed, you might need to go back and start over, but that is OK! 


You might find that it is easier than you thought. This change might do you good in more than one way, but you won’t know unless you try!


Therese Shumaker, MA

Supervisor/ NDC Counselor/ CTTS