I have tried EVERYTHING and still can’t quit

Blog Post created by NDC_Team on Mar 20, 2019

If this title resonates with you and you feel that you have tried countless times to quit and/or countless methods to quit and still haven’t found the right approach, don’t worry there may be other options. Also, if this title speaks to you then you are someone that doesn’t give up and you keep on making efforts to quit! Most people are not successful the first time they attempt to quit (actually the last research article I read said 30 or more times before being successful) So keeping that in mind- Don’t give up! Perhaps the next time will be the ONE that WORKS!!

Have you considered the following:

  1. Individual counseling with a TTS (tobacco treatment specialist) – They are all over the country
  2. Combination medications- meaning using at least 1 long acting medication (nicotine_patch, chantix or bupropion ) & using at least 1 short acting medication (nicotine_gum, nicotine_lozenge, nasal_spray or “puffer”) together- I have had patients that use all 7 meds at the same time (most people uses 2, 3 or 4, but whatever it takes to remain tobacco free)
  3. Doing both #1 & #2 simultaneously
  4. Becoming more involved here on the EX Community (having support is key)
  5. Join NicA (Nicotine Anonymous)- Contact your local meeting to see their beliefs on using nicotine products some believe in abstinence some are open to all.
  6. An In-patient treatment program that solely focuses on quitting smoking

If you have ever thought- I just need to be “locked up” to be able to quit, then #6 might be a great option for you. Our in-patient treatment program does not actually lock you up; instead you spend a week in a hotel like setting with other individuals (6-10) that are trying to become tobacco free. Mayo Clinic offers an excellent program in Rochester, MN that I invite you to look into if you have tried EVERYTHING and still struggle with remaining tobacco free.


Laura McConahey

NDC Counselor/CTTS