Is a Change in Your Future?

Blog Post created by NDC_Team on Jan 16, 2019

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution for 2019?  Maybe this was your year to quit tobacco; however, you have already found yourself barely holding your head above water. YOU started out with the best of intentions, but then it bombed…  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! Although good intentions, they are not often backed up by well thought out plans.  Your goal is clear, but the process is opaque. It is similar to the resolution, “I plan to go to the gym.” If you have not mapped out which days of the week and the time you plan to go, it most likely will not happen.  The best thing that you can do for yourself is set up a concrete but flexible plan with small achievable goals. 


Planning to Begin Again:


Think about all your quit attempts and focus on what worked for you. Reflect and try to identify the triggers that made you relapse to smoking.  You will then be able to gather more insight into your patterns and build your new plan.


Boost your support system!  Your loved ones, friends, or members of BECOMEANEX.ORG can help you stay on track and be there to motivate and encourage you.


Recognize that you may need to redefine your quit goal.  Maybe it is not complete abstinence at first, but it is reducing to quit.


Reward yourself for the progress you have made.  Consider taking the money that you are saving and use it to treat yourself to something you enjoy.


Quitting tobacco is a process, not an event.  You never fail unless you stop trying! When you have had a “slip,” and negative thoughts creep into your head, STOP IT! (as Bob Newhart would say). Treat yourself with kindness and encouragement just as you would when a friend or a child needs a pep talk.


Know yourself and your needs. Going “cold turkey” may work for some people, but others may need a little more support. Seek out alternatives that may work for you, whether counseling or medications.


Whatever the New Year means to you, whether it is using extra cash to pay bills from quitting tobacco, buying yourself something nice, doing it for your health, or taking a long overdue vacation, REMEMBER this is about YOU! You have decided to make this change and you are getting it done, one step at a time.


Heather Kraling-Coons

NDC Counselor/CTTS