Acceptance is an art

Blog Post created by NDC_Team on Oct 3, 2018

Let’s practice: take your tobacco use

Think about your current (or past) thoughts about yourself and smoking.

Think of some of the fears around quitting or remaining quit.

Think about how these thoughts are affecting you and your ability to quit or remain quit



Take a deep breath in.


Now Exhale


Sometimes we need to put a wedge in the thought process to allow ourselves to examine some of the messages we are saying to ourselves.



NOW that you are aware of these thoughts, give yourself permission to feel that way. It is okay to express these emotions.  Once aware, determine a new thought or new behavior that better aligns with your values



Take this information with you and see how practicing acceptance can change your perspective and the paths you choose.


Virginia Fitch-Braun, MS

NDC Counselor/CTTS