Come out kicking and screaming

Blog Post created by NDC_Team on Sep 12, 2018

Have you heard people talk about the birth of a baby saying that the infant came into this world “kicking and screaming”?   I wonder how babies must feel being born; they have been protected and safe in their mother’s womb for nine months.  What a shock to their tiny little bodies! The world that they once knew is forever changed; no wonder they come out kicking and screaming!!  


I believe that this analogy can be used to someone who is trying to quit using tobacco. Using tobacco for many years becomes comfortable; the user develops a sense of security over time.  Quitting may feel like that baby being born – a shock to the system –  giving up what was once thought as safe and secure, now becomes foreign; giving up the old, comfortable way of living to embark on something new, that  maybe you have never experienced it before.


What can help as you get through the process?

  1. Visualize yourself free from tobacco; what will you be doing when you are free from the perils of tobacco addiction?  How will you be spending your time? Remind yourself why you want to live a tobacco free life.
  2. Get active!  Physical activity can reduce withdrawal symptoms and urges to smoke.
  3. Consider the utility of Nicotine Replacement and /or medications to help with those cravings and urges.  
  4. Surround yourself with people who will support your efforts as you cope with the challenge of stopping tobacco use.  Your new support network can help you through the difficult times. Don't overlook the members here on EX as sources of support.


 Come out on the other side free from tobacco, “kicking and screaming”, ready for the new life you are about to embark on! You deserve it!


Therese Shumaker, MA

Supervisor/ NDC Counselor/ CTTS