Moving on and Letting Go

Blog Post created by NDC_Team on Aug 8, 2018

You have decided to make this big change in your life and like any other big change it can be important to have closure.  There are many ways one can experience a sense of closure. One place to find closure is through the art of letter writing. Letter writing can be therapeutically beneficial, especially in circumstances that are resistant to change, such as quitting smoking.   Writing a “goodbye letter” gives you the ability to fully disclose all of your thoughts and feelings. If you are not at the point of goodbye, maybe just a letter to tobacco- what are your thoughts and feelings towards it?  It can help with self-acceptance and promotes empowerment to assume greater responsibility for abstinence.  The best part about the letter is that it does not need to be sent – just putting it down on paper is cathartic enough.  I’ve even known people to burn this letter as a symbol of “good riddance.”


I ask all of you at BecomeAnEX.org what would your “goodbye letter” look like to tobacco? Feel free to share bits and pieces as you feel comfortable to the community.


If you have officially said goodbye to tobacco, what kinds of things or rituals did you partake in to make the goodbye stick?


Heather Kraling-Coons MA, CTTS

NDC Counselor/CTTS