Perception is the Reality

Blog Post created by NDC_Team on Jul 25, 2018

What does tobacco do for you? Is a common question I ask.


Get the wheels turning ask yourself to identify the beliefs you have surrounding tobacco.


It could be feelings of stress and the belief that the only thing that will cure the stress is to have a cigarette. Or “I feel pretty good today,” “I completed all the laundry, cooked, cleaned washed every dish in the house,” leads to “I deserve a cigarette. “ We all carry our own beliefs and rules to nearly every situation, e.g. if I don’t do this than this… or If I do this than this…. A constant running tally whether its work, home, school, or play and cigarettes or other forms of tobacco, fit right into the equation because they have been there- planned- thought about- made time for.


Think perception, if you perceive the above statements as true, try asking yourself this; what is the probability that it is actually true? See what you come up with and find the evidence for or against the statement. For example: I actually found I am more anxious when I have to find a place to smoke so then by doing the smoking I have 1) found a place and 2) I am easing my cravings. This takes time and practice; you may find you have to avoid places or thing until you are comfortable in your new routine to then insert those things in again. 


For those of you actively quitting or have quit what are some of these beliefs you hold about your tobacco products whether positive or negative and how do they fit into your day to day routine?


Stay tuned for next week’s blog and think just how these beliefs/perceptions play into the rituals of smoking.


Virginia Fitch-Braun, MS

NDC Counselor/CTTS

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