Independence Day 2018

Blog Post created by NDC_Team on Jul 4, 2018

Don’t forget to celebrate your independence from tobacco on July 4th


When you stop smoking, you truly gain independence.  You no longer depend upon cigarettes to help you get going in the morning, to manage stress, to help you drive the car, or to enjoy your coffee.  You are no longer hounded to make a long march outside of our smoke-free buildings to alleviate withdrawal and are no longer bound to pay the tobacco company so that you can just feel normal.


If you have already stopped smoking, take a moment this July 4th to celebrate your freedom and think of all that you have gained since stopping smoking.  If you are considering quitting, use this day as a jumping off point.  Use all the tools available at www.becomeanex.org to develop a plan and then begin to work on your plan for independence from tobacco.  Join in the independence celebration this year so that you will be around to celebrate for many years to come.