Spring: A time for growth

Blog Post created by dr_hays on Apr 18, 2018

Spring is a time for growth as the flowers start to show, the grass turns bright green, and we start to come out of our winter hibernation. This can be an exciting and hopeful prospect, especially when trying to quit tobacco. Keeping busy and distracted with pleasurable activities can be a great strategy as part of a plan to quit, and springtime affords many opportunities: walking, gardening, bike riding, or sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air.


Spring can be a time for optimism, with sunshine and warmer weather bringing positive thoughts and motivation for making a change. When people quit tobacco, it sometimes inspires a host of other healthy lifestyle changes.  Incorporating physical activity into your day may boost your quit plan by reducing nicotine withdrawal and cravings, and by helping to manage weight gain. It may also spark further motivation to stay quit when you start to notice that you can walk farther, stay out in the garden longer, or have more money in your pocket for new summer toys!


Plan to take advantage of the spring season this year and all of the opportunities it affords as you quit tobacco. Even better, quit with a friend and take up a new healthy hobby together – and share your ideas on The EX Community!


Dr. Hays