A smoke free 2018

Blog Post created by dr_hays on Dec 27, 2017

The winter solstice is passed and each day brings more daylight then the next.  Similarly, if you’ve stopped smoking, or intend to stop for the New Year, each smoke free day in 2018 will bring more health and wealth than the day before.


Stopping smoking is the absolute best thing you can do for your health.  If you’ve stopped, congratulate yourself and take a moment to appreciate that you’ve done a wonderful thing. Know that your body thanks you.  Think about the money you saved.  Take a moment to imagine all the cigarettes that you did-not smoke. 


If you’re considering stopping, or planning another stop, the New Year is a great time to take that step.  Get prepared.  Use your past experience as a learning resource.  Explore the tools on EX, recruit your support, and step into a smoke free New Year!