Fall - A Time for Fresh Starts

Blog Post created by dr_hays on Oct 11, 2017

As we enter the season of autumn – I always feel a sense of new beginnings, and a ‘fresh start’.


For, this time of year is full of new beginnings:

  • kids going back to school with newly-sharpened pencils and a   fresh box of crayons;
  • the possibility of new friendships;
  • and, young adults beginning their college careers.


Perhaps, I’m thinking about starting a regular exercise regime.

I could begin by:

  •  parking farther from the shopping mall; 
  •  looking into that yoga class I been interested in; 
  •  or, taking a relaxing walk after dinner rather than sitting down in from of the TV.


As humans we are constantly changing as we are shaped by our everyday experiences.

And these changes are processes – often slow and methodical, a little at a time.


So it is with quitting smoking, and as this time of year is full of  ‘fresh starts’, make this fall a fresh start for you – by making small steps towards quitting smoking.


But just what would be some small steps to achieving that goal?

  • write down your reasons for quitting – and how you hope your life will be different as a non-smoker;
  • talking with your friend about quitting smoking with you;
  • or, even making an appointment and talk with a tobacco treatment specialist, or your doctor, about some of the medications out there now to help you quit.


These seem like small steps, yet they are giant leaps in how you will feel about yourself, just knowing you have begun the process.


Just taking small steps toward your goal could make you feel surprisingly productive, and energize you toward achieving the goal in the end – a smoke-free life.