Thank You for Joining Our "Cravings" Live Chat

Blog Post created by dr_hays on Sep 1, 2017

This past week I had the opportunity to be on a telephone “live chat” with members of the EX Community.  On the call were community members (Giulia, elvan dkr953, Showiestodin and Pops ) who have been tobacco free for many years, and others who were still early in their quitting journey, or trying to figure out how to start the journey again. All of these members, no matter their specific situation, expressed extraordinary commitment to becoming and staying tobacco free.


There is something very special about the strength that can be found in sharing our successes as well as our struggles and setbacks.   It was wonderful to hear during our call the special support that is freely offered to one another in the EX community.  Stopping smoking is vital to health, but it can be very difficult, especially if one feels alone with the struggle.  It is true that shared burdens are suddenly made lighter, and the sharing on the EX Community makes what can seem impossible, become a reality. This is a life saving community to which I am glad to be a contributor.


Dr. Hays