Gratitude works!

Blog Post created by dr_hays on Nov 23, 2016

The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us. The day usually includes Food, family, friends and hopefully no fights with infrequently seen relatives.  For you it might be a day you dread, or your favorite holiday.  In any case, on Thanksgiving i would like to recommend to each of you that you add to it a heaping serving of gratitude. 

Gratitude can be like a tonic.  Research by psychologists such as Martin Seligman Barbara Fredickson, and Robert Edmond has found that gratitude can increase happiness, build other positive emotions, reduce depression, and improve health.  Former smokers who review the benefits they experience from having stopped smoking are significantly more likely to continue to not smoke.

And it doesn't take much to tap this healing elixir.  Writing three things for which you are grateful, writing a thank you note or mentally thanking someone, counting your blessings or engaging in a 'loving-kindness' meditation are all strategies that are shown to elicit gratitude. 

So whether you relish or dread this holiday season, take the opportunity to enjoy a bit of gratitude.