Appreciate each moment

Blog Post created by dr_hays on Sep 7, 2016

After Labor Day here in Minnesota the days grow shorter, quickly.  This might bring about a dread of the winter to come, or serve as a good reminder to appreciate the wonder in each and every moment.

Let's choose the happier path.  Take a moment to appreciate the wealth of experiences each moment can contain.  Let go of the plans and worries about the future, shed any regrets you are clinging to from the past.  Try and just be aware of all that is happening right now; the things you see, the sounds you hadn’t noticed, the connection you have to the ground where you stand or the seat where you sit.  Notice your breath.   There is a timeless amount of experience happening each and every moment. 

Now take a moment to appreciate the good work you have done in becoming tobacco free.  No longer captive to the distraction of having to smoke.  Be grateful that you are free; no longer having to plan how and when to have that next smoke.  Free to allow your body to heal, your mind to rest, your lungs to expand, your heart to pump fully oxygenated red blood cells.    

Be glad for the good you have done for yourself.  Each and every moment tobacco free is a moment to be welcomed and celebrated.