Searching for the Support you Need

Blog Post created by dr_hays on May 25, 2016

In the past 40-50 years, it seems like our society has made a 180° turn in its view and acceptance of smoking.  This intolerance has had the impact of nudging many smokers from the center of their social circles to the outskirts, or into smoking specific circles.  This societal shift has made the stopping smoking a lonely process for some. 


Let’s be honest, quitting is no walk in the park.  Being successful requires commitment, planning, and action.  Getting support from others can make a considerable difference, though finding the “right” support can be hard.  For example, a person trying to stop smoking may find that their non-smoking friends and family do not quite understand the struggle of quitting.  On the other hand, a partner, friend, or acquaintance who continues smoking may not want to lose a smoking buddy and can make quitting tough as well. 


Finding the right support is key.  While we hopefully have a few people in our corner who can offer the support we need, it does not hurt to build more connections to strengthen our social network.  One particular type of supporter are those who have successfully stopped smoking.  By the way, did you know there are more ex-smokers in the US today than current smokers?


People like to share their experiences.  Reaching out to someone you admire who has stopped and opening a dialogue can go a long way.  Asking questions like, “what motivated you to stop smoking?”, “how did you stop smoking?”, or “what advice would you share with someone ready to quit?” can provide valuable insight into what might work best for you.  Additionally, you now have one more person who knows you are trying to stop smoking and can offer you support.


The fact that you are reading this blog on BecomeAnEx.org indicates that you are open to ideas and support from others.  Remember you are not alone.  This site has a vibrant EX community.  Reaching out to others to discuss your successes and challenges in stopping smoking can help you reach your goal of living a healthy, smoke-free life.