It Starts With Making the Choice

Blog Post created by dr_hays on Nov 27, 2015

In our lives, it is common to focus on external forces – people, places, and things we cannot control.  When we are unhappy, dissatisfied, or overly stressed, it is easy to seek an escape.  For some, tobacco becomes that escape.


However, we always have a choice.


No matter how many times we have chosen the cigarette, regardless of the number of  years,  we are always in a position of making a choice as to how we want to proceed.  Focusing on past choices can develop feelings of guilt and regret.  These emotions can make it easier to repeat the same choice again, which we will likely regret, again.


But we always have the choice.


For many, it may take hundreds or even thousands of occasions of choosing something we do not really want that prepares us to choose what we do.  The opportunity to make a new choice is available to us at all times.  As you know, there are many forms of support - online groups, medications, and friends that can help us once we make a decision. 


It all starts with making the choice.


How will you know when you are ready to make a new choice…?