Homework Helps

Blog Post created by dr_hays on Nov 6, 2015

If you think about it, most tobacco users have spent years, if not decades, developing behaviors and routines that incorporate tobacco use into important aspects of their lives.  This can include morning routines, driving, after meals, having fun with friends, as well as when under stress, feeling anxious, or even celebrating.  Cessation medications you might use can help to manage the physical and emotional withdrawal that comes after years of artificially stimulating the brain with intense spikes of free-based nicotine  However, equally important are the psychological and behavioral changes that require thoughtful examination and planning.  This pre-quit and ongoing homework is often necessary to maximize their chances of successfully stopping their tobacco use.


While it may have been a while since you’ve last done homework in the traditional sense, the energy and commitment you put in when quitting can go a long way toward staying smoke-free.  For some, homework can include finding ways to alter behaviors and routines that are associated with using tobacco.  For others who used to experience a strong hand-to-mouth connection with smoking, they might put more work into finding a temporary substitute until that muscle memory fades.  If a person’s smoking was more closely tied to negative emotions or stress, seeking out new stress reduction techniques and engaging in positive self-talk may be the key to their recovery.  These are just a few examples, but you get the idea.


The more good work and thought a person puts into this type of preparation, the better their chances are to quit smoking.  So whether you are considering stopping smoking or have a series of 24 hours under your belt, set some time to do some homework on the things you can do to strengthen your smoke-free life.  There are many great resources on BecomeAnEx and within this strong recovery community.


As we learn in school, when we do our homework, the odds of achieving the desired result increase dramatically.