Undermining Support System

Blog Post created by dr_hays on Jan 27, 2015

It can be hard when you find that you cannot “just quit” tobacco like some people you know.  In fact, when you tell people you are ready to quit, they can unwittingly start to undermine your attempt.  Hearing comments like, “Why do you need to talk to someone to quit smoking?” or “I heard that cold turkey is the only way to really quit,” can make one start to question themselves.  Comments such as these are generally not malicious, but are typically expressions of curiosity or suggestions meant to be helpful.

Here is the deal.  Only YOU know what you need in order to become tobacco-free.  If you have tried quitting cold turkey unsuccessfully then you know that you need something different.  It is okay for you to seek out that which you think will be best for you.  There is no need to keep explaining or apologizing.

Remember, you and your body are unique and respond to chemicals including nicotine in ways that will be different from others.  Get clear with yourself about what you believe is the best way for you to quit and then go confidently in that direction.