The ‘Best’ Time to Stop Smoking Maybe Now

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Dec 11, 2013

Sometimes one of the reasons we keep smoking is because we're waiting for the best time to stop.  We wait, put it off, and then set another ‘last cigarette day’.  Stopping smoking is hard and it is understandable to want to put it off to a ‘better time’, but maybe the ‘best time’ will never come.  

How can we get out of this cycle?  Recognize that waiting for the ‘best’ time to quit may be a form of postponing something that is difficult.  There likely is never going to be a perfect time.  You want to stop, why not now?  You know you will quit someday, so why not set yourself up to stop sooner, rather than later?  


Tell your friends and family.  Decide upon a medication plan by talking to your doctor or looking at the information on this site in ‘Relearn Addiction’.  Write down your reasons for stopping.  Today may be the best time to begin planning for a smoke-free future.