Having Hope

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on May 29, 2013

Once your quit date arrives your life really can take a turn for the better.  Nevertheless, sometimes the difficult process of trying to remain smoke-free during those first few weeks can feel overwhelming.  Knowing that there is hope and that it will become easier can help you get through those weeks.  What we know is that the amount of energy that someone puts into their efforts during the first few weeks is a whole lot more energy than it will take to remain smoke-free months from now.


Thinking about how difficult it is to conquer the cravings oftentimes leads people back to a relapse.  Early into a treatment plan, people sometimes report waking up, and the first thing that comes to their mind is that they have to get through the day without cigarettes. 


Oftentimes, it’s simply the “hope” that it will get easier that can keep people on track.  So, if you’re in the first few days or weeks of your new smoke-free life remind yourself that over time it truly will become easier.  Medication, support, and a change in routines can help you get over the hump.  All of a sudden the day will come when it will be a couple hours into the morning before you even have a thought about a cigarette.  Before you know it, you’ll go an entire day without thinking about cigarettes.  Hope is a wonderful thing, and it will get easier as time goes on.  Hang in there.  It’s worth it!