You’re a Winner

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Dec 10, 2012

After stopping smoking, a person might think of themselves as a former smoker, an ex-smoker, a recovering smoker, or maybe even a reformed smoker.  Many people who stop smoking have a phrase or mantra that they use to dismiss a thought about smoking like “smoking is not an option” or “I no longer smoke.”  Whatever mantras you may use or label you may call yourself, my view is that you are a “winner”.  You are a winner because you didn’t smoke.  You’ve got that day in the bank (the health bank and piggy bank), and no one can take that away from you.

On the other hand, I never consider a person who relapses during the process of trying to stop smoking, a loser.  Relapse is common and a part of the process for many people.  Each time a person tries to stop they learn a bit more about how to stop smoking for good.  Each attempt takes courage and determination.  Each try makes you a winner.

So, if you haven’t smoked today, you’re a winner.  If you are smoking today, and reading this, consider yourself a winner.  You are getting ready to take that next step.  Review what’s worked in the past.  Look through the resources at becomeanex.org and develop your plan.  Remember the thoughts or mantras that helped in the past and that give you strength.  Make your next day smoke free.