As Winter Approaches

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Nov 5, 2012

Evidence shows us that many people develop the “winter blues.”  If you’re someone who lacks energy or feels a sense of the blahs during the winter months, get ahead of the game by doing something that could change the way you think, breathe, and live.  In other words – stop smoking.  Starting a tobacco-free life will ultimately give you more energy and have many other positive benefits as well. 

Autumn is a perfect time to plan for ways to become healthier, and beat those winter blues.  Some alternatives for reaching for a cigarette include sipping warm spiced tea, sucking on cinnamon sticks, reaching for a crisp apple, or just taking a 30 minute walk.

Remember, winter is just temporary and by remaining tobacco-free you will have a new spring in your step when the warm, longer days arrive.