Stopping Smoking & Finding Support

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Sep 14, 2012

Whether it is stopping smoking, losing weight, or learning to play an instrument, people who plan to make a life change are more likely to take those first few steps when they surround themselves with positive social support. 

When thinking about your plan to stop smoking, it is important to determine what type of social support would be most helpful to you.  In our digital age we have seen an explosion in the number of online social networks that have made it easier for connecting or reconnecting with old friends and meeting new people who share our interests.  However, we are not all the same and some of us might prefer receiving support in other ways.  Below are a few ways that people who decide to stop smoking can seek positive support.  As you read this, write down what types of support might be most helpful for you.

Face-to-Face: One of the oldest forms of communication, talking with someone about your goals, struggles, and triumphs can be helpful in reducing stress and staying motivated.  Whether it is a tobacco counselor in an office, a friend over a cup of coffee, or even a formal or informal group of ex-smokers getting together, talking with others can be a valuable way to remain smoke-free.

Phone/Text: Some people prefer the convenience of getting support over the phone or through text messages.  Phoning or texting a friend can be valuable when you’re experiencing a craving or having a bad day.  Tobacco quit lines are resources available in every state to smokers that provide free counseling and NRT.  With the advent of smart phone applications, many stop smoking “apps” have become available to provide people with daily support and encouragement.

Social Networking:  From Becomeanex.org blogs to Facebook stop smoking group pages, and even Pinterest “pins”, people can find a great deal of social support through online networks.  The internet offers ex-smokers more specialized support through posts, personal stories, and videos that can be accessed anytime. 

Whichever forms of support you decide fit for you, it is important to communicate to others how they can best support you.  People who wish to see you succeed will feel more comfortable helping when you have shared how they can offer encouragement.  Visit Re-Learning Support at Become An Ex for more ideas about how to surround yourself with the right support system.