Autumn: A Great Time for Not Smoking

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Aug 23, 2012

After the break of summer, the fall signals a new start – children going back to school, high school graduates heading off in many directions, and church or community groups beginning their new year.

Fall is often a time when we look at making some healthy changes in our lives - starting a yoga class, or finally signing up for that healthy cooking class.  Making these changes to our lifestyle can be invigorating and satisfying as we begin to tackle some of those goals that have been in the back of our mind for a long time.  Maybe this fall is a time to renew your efforts for stopping smoking, or renew your commitment to being tobacco-free as a move towards that healthy new lifestyle?

Being tobacco-free opens up a new way of living.  You can go places without worrying about where and when you’ll be able to smoke.  You have more energy to do all those things you want to do – like playing with your children or grandchildren, preparing for that 5k race, or just enjoying a walk around the block without getting winded.

If you are considering stopping smoking, or if you’ve already stopped, keep that commitment to a healthy smoke-free autumn.