Increasing Motivation for Not Smoking

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Jul 5, 2012

Some people are reluctant to finally make the decision to stop smoking.  It seems so permanent.  It may include fear of the unknown or the worry of missing something which was comforting.  You are not alone - others feel the same way.  I’ll bet some of the things you decided to do in the past did not require 100% motivation, but you accomplished them anyway.  If your motivation level goes past 50%, it tips the scale towards success. 

Some people use a positive attitude to fuel decisions.  Some examples of good self talk: “I’m just not smoking today, and I’ll worry about tomorrow when it comes”; “I’m choosing not to smoke, no one is making me quit”; “I’m doing an experiment to see how my life feels different without smoking.”; “I always have the chance to go back to smoking if I decide to, but for now I don’t have any freedom because the addiction compels me to have to smoke.”  I have the ability to reframe my thinking such as: “I’m not giving up something” (smoking is a positive thing that I will miss), but rather, “I am getting rid of something” (I don’t want to be around smoking because it is a negative thing for me).

It is up to me to change my thoughts about smoking as well as my attitude!