Stopping Smoking and Weight Gain

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Jun 7, 2012

Some people fear that they will gain weight when they stop smoking.  Although it is true that many smokers do gain weight when they stop smoking, some don’t gain any weight at all.  The amount of weight that a smoker gains varies with the average being approximately 10 pounds.


If you have been putting off stopping smoking because of fear of weight gain, think again.  Those people who don’t gain weight often put some thought into their plan to avoid adding those extra pounds.  We know that smoking can suppress the appetite, so planning for this in advance can help.  Look for ways to have healthy snacks available during the first several weeks of your stop date.  Having carrots, celery, and fruits available will offer you healthy options when you do feel the need to eat.  Paying attention to food portions and adding physical activity to your routine are also good strategies. Moderate exercise for 30 minutes at least 5 days per week can make a big difference.  The extra physical activity can also help with cravings to smoke and withdrawal symptoms. 


You should also set reasonable goals for yourself.  If you do gain a few pounds, don’t beat yourself up over it.  Stay strong in committing to being abstinent from cigarettes as a short term goal and knowing that you can always put a plan into place to take off the extra weight in the future.