Talking To a Specialist May Be Worth Your Time

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Apr 6, 2012

In addition to the support on BecomeAnEX.org, meeting with a Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS), returning for 2-3 follow-up appointments, or talking with a TTS by telephone at 1-800-QUIT-NOW can greatly increase your chances of stopping tobacco for good.

TTS are health care professionals who are specially trained to understand the science behind tobacco dependence, nicotine withdrawal symptoms, and effective treatments for tobacco users.  They develop individualized treatment plans using comprehensive, evidence-based assessments and treatment strategies including clear and accurate information about effective medications and effective, practical, and cognitive-behavioral strategies for quitting and staying quit.

A TTS can help you explore your reasons for wanting to quit and increase your motivation.  If you feel “stuck” about your decision or aren’t sure how to get started, they can help you clarify your plan.  They are great resources for strategies for avoiding weight gain, planning for your quit date, changing your routines, and getting support.  Best of all, TTS are non-judgmental.  They don’t tell you why you should quit (like you don’t already know).  They offer their expertise to help you do it when you are ready.

A support system of family, co-workers, and friends can be an essential part of your plan for success, and a TTS can be a valuable part of that system as well.