Confidence and Resolve

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Mar 30, 2012

When people make a decision to stop smoking they sometimes report that their confidence in their ability to not smoke falters.  This is understandable.  It takes energy to stop smoking and our tendency is to lapse to our ‘usual’ behavior.  It is challenging to establish a “new normal”.

Keep in mind that the new smoke-free lifestyle will be more consistent with who you want to be, your best self-image.  Remind yourself of your reasons for stopping smoking, and think of all the benefits of being smoke-free.  This can help boost your confidence.  Positive thoughts are important because they help restore your energy for establishing that ‘new normal’.  Remember any good feelings you had when you stopped smoking in the past.  Remember other good things you have accomplished in your life (and you do have many when you think about it!)  Make up little phrases in your mind and repeat them (such as “I’m worth it.”,  “I deserve this healthier life”,  “I need more energy that stopping smoking will help me get!”, and  “This urge will pass whether I smoke or not!”)

Try to make it so that cigarettes are not available and situations in which you might smoke are few.  Quitting is a complex process.  Try to keep it simple.  You can become the ‘smoke-free’ person that you envision.