Smoking and Relationships

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Mar 23, 2012

Smoking can play an important, but subtle role in our relationships with others.  A person may reach for a cigarette when laughing and socializing with other smokers or light a cigarette when alone after a disagreement with a loved one.  Smoking can be an easy way to make acquaintances with others who have stepped outside to have a cigarette.  The cigarette itself can feel like a 'best-friend'.

It can sometimes be hard to imagine being with people or being alone when considering a smoke-free future.  But, in some ways smoking may really distract us from deeper relations with others.  A preoccupation with cigarettes can keep us distracted and not able to fully enjoy the company of others especially non-smokers.  And stopping smoking can provide an opportunity to connect with others in new meaningful ways.