Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Dec 2, 2011

When a person says that it is ‘not the right time to stop smoking I wonder if perhaps the person lacks self confidence or fear of failure.  Both fear of failure and lack of confidence about the ability to become smoke-free can create unnecessary worry or anxiety which interferes with taking that first step.

There is a saying, “failing to plan is planning to fail!”  None of us learned to walk until we decided to pick ourselves up and try the experiment many times.  Each time you try to stop, you learn a little more about what it will take to succeed.  Don’t let that fear of failure stop you from taking that first step but before taking that first step, have a plan. 

A person might not feel it is the ‘right time’ to stop because they dread the uncomfortable feelings that can be part of the withdrawal from cigarettes.  Medications can be very useful in helping to manage cravings and withdrawal.  Work with your health care provider to develop a medication plan equal to the task.  Talk with a tobacco treatment specialist at your local health care facility or through the tobacco quitline at 1-800 QUIT-NOW.  Develop your plan using the tools at www.becomeanex.org

A “perfect” time to stop smoking will never come.  Quitting smoking is a process that can be difficult and relapse may occur.  However each attempt to stop can be considered a victory.  There is no downside to trying.