One Small Step Followed by Another...

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Nov 18, 2011

For many people stopping smoking is anything but little.

However, big changes frequently begin with one small change.  It can be a decision to think more about changing, making a subtle behavior change, or talking to someone about the change that can be like the pebbles that precipitate an avalanche of change to occur.

Looking at any large project or undertaking it all at once can seem insurmountable or impossible to achieve.  But when you break it down into bite-sized parts, it usually looks different and much more doable.

So in thinking about stopping smoking, consider setting “the rest of my life” thoughts aside, and instead identify small steps you can take to contribute to your goal of being tobacco free.

Some examples could include –
        Focus on a small increment of time to be smoke-free (five minutes, one hour, one day, etc.)
        Clearly identify your reasons for wanting to quit in detail
        Talk with someone you trust about your desire to quit
        Think about how your life will be better once you quit

You can use these ideas or come up with your own.  Once you do, pay attention to the energy that is created around this idea of being tobacco free and nurture it one small step at a time.