Quitting Smoking - A Personal Transformation?

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Aug 12, 2011

For some people quitting smoking may come to mean more to them and their lives than they ever anticipated.  When a person makes one healthy commitment, often other healthy behaviors will follow.  For instance, deciding to get more physical activity or to eat more nutritious food may seem like easier choices to make once you have made the commitment to quit using tobacco.


When you quit you may find that you have more time, money, and energy for other activities, hobbies, or pursuits.  Sometimes people pick up a favorite but long-neglected activity such as participating in an organized sport or club.  Others feel excitement to try something new like picking up a paint brush or learning to cook.


In short, quitting tobacco use can be a personal transformation for some, causing a kind of “domino-effect.”  It is possible you may start to think healthier and make healthier choices, invest your saved money in pursuing new or forgotten interests, and have more time and physical and financial resources to spend on family and friends.


Change can be a little tricky at first.  Focus on the positives.  What will quitting tobacco use mean for you?  Keep your friends posted on becomeanex.org!