Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Jun 24, 2011

Getting support can be one of the most important keys to success when trying to stop smoking.  A friend, family member, or partner can provide just the encouragement you need to make it through some of the tough times.

Here are some steps that may be helpful in getting you the type of support you desire.

First – Identify your ideal support person.  This is frequently a partner, though a close friend might be best, especially one who is an ex-smoker.

Second – Do a self-assessment of the type of support you want.  For example, are you the type who wants to talk about how not smoking has gone each day or would you rather not have it brought up except by you?  Get a good handle on what you feel would be supportive.

Third – Pick a good time to sit down with your potential support person and have a direct conversation about the kind of support that will be best.  You know best how a support person might be helpful.  It is up to you to communicate this clearly. 

You open the discussion like this:
“I really appreciate how interested you are in my stopping smoking, and I know you talk to me about it often because you want to help.  However, I need to tell you that talking about it so often isn’t helpful and sometimes it even makes it harder.  Can I tell you some things that would be helpful to me?”  (Then provide the specifics you identified in the second step).  You need to empower yourself to describe the support you need but you also need to empower your support person to intervene if the person perceives things are not going well.

Finally, revisit this discussion as often as necessary.

If your support person is unwilling or unable to provide the support you desire, then pick someone else who can and will.

Make sure to go to the re-learn support section on EX to learn about other ways on how to get support when quitting smoking. http://www.becomeanex.org/reach-out.php