Your Lucky Day

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Mar 11, 2011

St. Patrick’s Day has been called a ‘day to begin transforming winters’ dreams into summer magic.’  Maybe it’s a day that you can begin your transformation to smoke-free living.  Maybe you can enjoy a smoke-free spring into summer.  If you are planning to make a quit attempt, don’t rely only on the ‘Lucky Leprechaun’ to throw out those cigarettes for you.  A little work preparing for your stop day can make this day truly lucky.   

Thomas Jefferson said that the harder he worked the more luck he had.  There are plenty of tools available to help you succeed.  Use the Becomeanex.org website to plan your big day.  Talk with your health care provider about medication options.  Let people know that you are planning to stop smoking.  Ask for support from family members and friends.

Each time a smoker tries to stop smoking, the more likely the person will become smoke-free.  With hard work, a little Irish luck, and some planning this will be your time.