St. Patrick’s Day

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Mar 17, 2010

Parades, parties, wearing green ribbons, and displaying shamrocks are some of the festive ways that people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  For some, picking a holiday as their quit date makes that holiday even more special for the rest of their lives.  But holidays can also present unique challenges.

Consider making St. Patrick’s Day a significant date in your life by making it your quit date.  Taking the one big step that will lead to better health and a happier lifestyle for you and your family will bring you more blessings than a four-leaf clover!

And for those who have recently stopped smoking, remember to have your coping skills in order for St. Patrick’s Day.  Be prepared because celebrations especially those which include drinking alcoholhttp://www.becomeanex.org/what-is-a-trigger_drinking.phpcan often lead to strong triggers to smoke as well as impair good judgment.  Make your plan that will include support and behavioral substitutes.  Perhaps staying away from the green beer will help you get off to a smoke-free future, and be able to enjoy a healthy celebration to boot! If celebrating or drinking alcohol is one of your triggers, click here to add it to your cigarette tracker.


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