Smoke-Free Super Bowl

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Feb 5, 2010

The professional football season finale is coming this weekend.  As you plan for “Super Sunday” why not make your Superbowl celebration a tobacco-free event.  Whether you’re planning on attending a party, hosting a party, or having a quiet day at home, make plans to surround yourself with fresh air and healthy behaviors.

Superbowl Sunday is surely an event that can trigger the use of tobacco.  It is a day that often involves alcohol consumption, and we know that drinking alcohol is a trigger to smoke. (Go to http://www.becomeanex.org/what-is-a-trigger.php to identify other smoking triggers.) For some people, the “big game” is a joyful event, which means it becomes permissible to engage in behaviors that are celebratory including smoking.  For others, the football game is a stressful event and the anxiety and anticipation as the game unfolds becomes a trigger to smoke a cigarette.  Keep all of these scenarios in mind as you make plans to enjoy Superbowl Sunday.  Plan your strategies to make it a smoke-free zone.  Here are some tips:

·        During the days leading up to Superbowl Sunday, picture yourself enjoying the day and utilizing good coping skills to remain smoke-free

·        Be sure to have celery, carrot sticks or some other healthy low-calorie food available for snacking

·        Bring a stress ball or something else to keep your hands busy

·        Surround yourself with non-smokers and other supportive friends

·        Avoid alcoholic beverages, and have plenty of water available

Enjoy the game!


Dr. Richard D. Hurt is an internationally recognized expert on tobacco dependence. A native of Murray, Kentucky, he joined Mayo Clinic in 1976 and is now a Professor of Medicine at its College of Medicine. In 1988, he founded the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center and since then its staff has treated over 33,000 patients for tobacco dependence. Send your questions directly to Dr. Hurt at AskTheExpert@becomeanex.org