If Today Is Your Quit Date...

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Aug 21, 2009
Congratulations on making a big decision that will have a positive impact on your life. Starting today you can begin to enjoy many of the benefits that will come from living a tobacco-free life.

Here are some tips to get you through today and the next several weeks:

1. If you haven't done so already, remove all tobacco, ashtrays, and lighters from your surroundings. Going a step further, you can replace them with something pleasant such as scented candles or potpourri.

2. Keep a handy supply of behavioral substitutes in your reach such as gum, mints, and cinnamon sticks. Fill
your car, workplace, and home with as many "tools" as you can.

3. Talk to your healthcare provider about what medication is best for you.

4.Take advantage of "free and accessible" coping skills. Deep breathing is something you can do anywhere at
anytime! Another valuable skill is to utilize positive self-affirmations. Remind yourself of the reasons you wanted to
become tobacco free. Anytime you have a negative thought, make a conscious effort to turn that thought into
something more positive.

5. Lean on your support people. Let them know the best ways that they can assist you today and during the next
several weeks.

6. Keep up the good work!

Be sure to also check out www.BecomeAnEX.org and the 3-Step EX plan to help you reach your goal of living cigarette-free.

Dr. Richard D. Hurt is an internationally recognized expert on tobacco dependence. A native of Murray, Kentucky, he joined Mayo Clinic in 1976 and is now a Professor of Medicine at its College of Medicine. In 1988, he founded the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center and since then its staff has treated over 33,000 patients for tobacco dependence. Send your questions directly to Dr. Hurt at AskTheExpert@becomeanex.org