Mother's Day

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on May 8, 2009
Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th. For those of you who are thinking about a possible quit date, or have already stopped smoking, being tobacco free on Mother’s Day is the most wonderful gift the family can have. Honoring your mother, or if you are a mother, having better health and setting an example, can be a rewarding way to celebrate this day. Mother’s Day has been on our calendar since May 9, 1905, initiated by Anna Marie Jarvis in West Virginia, who devoted her life to honor the anniversary of her mother’s death. Actually, the celebration of “Mother’s Day” dates back to the time of the Civil War when women organized peace groups to help reconcile families divided by the War. As an aside, we have known families divided over smoking issues, which ended when the smokers stops smoking.

Of course, any day is a good day to be tobacco free, but for those who are looking ahead and planning to stop, preparing a plan of action can increase your confidence and success. For example, paying attention to your “trigger times” for smoking, and thinking of alternative behaviors can help. Try not smoking in a usual smoking situation, such as driving, drinking coffee, or walking the dog. Breaking routines prior to stopping can make it easier to not think of smoking in some “automatic” situations. If you are going to use medications to manage withdrawal make sure you have them ready and understand their proper use. Talk to your health care provider.

It can also be helpful to solicit support. Tell family and friends of your efforts, and let them know what they can do to be supportive (such as spending time with you, going for a walk, or not offering you a cigarette).

Let’s make this Mother’s Day tobacco free, and one to remember!

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