• Quitnet.com Is Closing

    Just want to say hello to all members here.  I am smoke free beginning August 12, 2018 and proud of it.  It took me a long time to realize the insanity and addiction of smoking.   A lot of Quitnet memb...
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  • January 7th 2020

    Tuesday January 6th  2020 I will meet all Quitnet Members here for one big hug!!
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  • Getting ready to quit. Not quite there

    So im getting ready to quit. Mostly because of the pressure from my doctors and family.  I don't want to quit. I love smoking.  Ive smoked since I was 16 and Im now 45.  But im at a family thanksgiving ...
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  • How Bout A Game! Race to +/-20

       Here's the rules...  When a newbie (non smoker with less than a year of smobriety) posts, they add +1 to the number...    When an Elder (non smoker with more than a year of smobreity) posts...
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  • Quitting and mental health

    Hi! I'm new to the community. I am trying to quit vaping and nicotine! But I have a mental health condition and quitting in the past was hard and I am scared I'll never be able to make it. I was lucky enough to be abl...
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  • Good morning

    Hi everyone,     Happy Monday!!  I’m up early and celebrating Christmas!!  The heck with the Scrooge’s!!  The holidays only come once a year!!  Today I will backup my phone a...
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  • Cravings

    If u are craving.  Drink plenty of cold water.  Listen to your favorite music, Dance like noones watching ,Hop on one foot.  Do anything but smoke. Praying worked for me.  
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  • Good morning

    Hi,     Happy Sunday!!  And a happy holidays!!  The Christmas Tree Decoration turned out nice.  It’s on the tree.     Isn’t it great not to be smelling of smoke at the ...
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  • Reporting in for Shashort

    Just spoke with Sharon and she wanted me to let everybody know that she's still stuck in a prone position for another week or so and it SUCKS!  And if she says it sucks, it really sucks!  (Though at least sh...
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  • Dont understand?

    Hello everyone!  I have a quick question.  I am on day 151 without a smoke.  The longest I've been in 34 years.  Now the question I have is this. When will i start feeling better?  Since I qui...
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  • ~*Got a Holiday Tune You Wanna Share?*~

    A tune stolen, ahem, Borrowed  (yeah that's the ticket!) from QuitNet posted by Sherry L.  It's all about the Beach https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kgGCS49_vEU A good quit distraction. Got a tune to share...
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  • Good morning

    Hi,      Happy Saturday!!  Merry Christmas!!  It’s that time of the year!!  What are you doing for the weekend?  Today I am making a Christmas Tree Decoration at church. ...
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  • Help

    I recently quit chewing tobacco, and find it hard to maneuver through life without it when it’s all around me from family to coworkers etc.  if anyone has coping mechanisms to help any advice would be appre...
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  • Getting There

    I feel like I just had my best week since I quit.  A week without a single strong urge, maybe more than a week.  I'm around smokers a lot and it isn't bothering me at all.  Today is day 90 for me and co...
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  • Good morning

    Hello,     Happy Friday!!  How’s it going?  I hope you are having a good holiday season!!  I got my Christmas presents wrapped yesterday.  I also got Christmas cards mailed!  ...
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  • Colleen!

    sweetplt Holy cow, Colleen, how in the heck did I miss your one year? You made it, you 6 percenter, you. I am so happy for you. I can't wait to be on the same page. Congratulations!   Bravo.    Donna
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  • What is the longest everyone has gone without smoking?

    I have 3 years without it
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  • Good morning

    Hello,     Happy Thursday!!  How’s it going?  AA and Wednesday evening service were nice yesterday.  It’s less than three weeks until Christmas!!       After you qu...
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  • Good morning

    Hi,     Happy Wednesday!!  It’s hump day already!!  Are you having a good week?  It’s three weeks until Christmas!!  I wrapped two presents yesterday.  I still have a fe...
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  • Cravings

    Thank you all so much for your various ideas on curbing nicotine craving.
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