• Shout your stats

    For Wayne and I shouting our stats in the beginning was a great way to stay motivated  in those hard days and moments. So what are your stats??   Ours are 444 days quit, 26664 unsmoked death sticks, saved a...
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  • 11 days!!!

    So it’s been 11 days - was so much better than last week but yesterday was brutal with wanting to smoke?!!!! I stuck to my guns though and made it through. Today is much better. I just can’t wait until the...
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  • Want to quit

    I joined this site today to see if I can get any additional help and inspiration.  I tried to quit last July and made it 28 days before it started to not work out and have been back smoking since.  I was usi...
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  • Rough day

    I thought blogging might help , it did not .  Smoking is not an option though some days I still wish it were. Not often mind you maybe once a year , so don't let it scare you . I won't smoke but I can tell ...
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  • The demon never dies

    I was doing my walk this morning and boom! An urge hit. The weather is chilly, we might be expecting snow, and I'm wondering if that's what set it off. I used to sit on the porch with coffee and cigs when it snowed. W...
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  • I Knew I Could

      I read a book yesterday. It stated to achieve success you need to work hard, How optimism and believing in yourself is a major part of reaching your goal. It's about being brave and keeping your eyes on the pri...
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  • Good morning

    Hi,     Happy Thursday!!  How’s it going?  Good I hope.  The medical supplies came yesterday.  I didn’t have to wait in the lobby to long.  Church was a good time last n...
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  • Suffolk County To Attempt To Ban Smoking In Private Homes

    Suffolk County To Attempt To Ban Smoking In Private Homes – CBS New York      Smoking is bad but this is going too far. You can't tell people they can't smoke in their home, or can you?
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  • Update 2/19: Prayer Warriors Desperately Needed

    I know this is off the smoking topic but I don't use social media account, nor will I.  Some of you may know that I have an adult son w/ high-functioning (Asperger's Syndrome) autism. After years on the waiting l...
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  • Suspect Arrested in Fatal Shooting of Deli Worker Killed Over Cigarette Dispute

    Suspect Arrested in Fatal Shooting of Deli Worker Killed Over Cigarette Dispute – NBC New York      Over a loosey (loosie) cigg, out here they sell them to people who cant afford a pack.I'm sure ...
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  • New Quit Date... March 1st

    Thank you so much for your support. I messed up my quit time also... I actually had six months instead of five. I'm ready to start to get back to this now. For those of you who have been with me from the beginning, yo...
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  • Makes No Sense at all!

    Who knows why - maybe stress,maybe uncertainty of life but I am having smoking memories today. One thing I do know is that I decided a very long time ago N.O.P.E. so I'll just stay busy until it passes. I have zero re...
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  • Good morning

    Hi,     Happy Wednesday!!  It’s the middle of the week!!  I hope everyone is having a good one!!  Today I must stay home and wait for some medical supplies to come. I missed them Friday...
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  • Where You're Going!

    The goal isn't just to feel as good as you do as a smoker but a whole lot better! Given a short amount of time - 3 or 4 months - you will feel great! And that's just the beginning. Blessings continue every single day ...
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  • Reaffirming my quit

    That's what I told myself I was doing when I smoked again. I didn't even like it. I was out of nicotine gum. The lady I live with enabled me by saying u really want to go back then your back so I smoked the rest of th...
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  • Addiction is selfish

    So I’m 33 days into my quit.  During a recent ER visit this man in the bay across from me was there for complications from COPD.  I have never known anyone who had gotten sick from smoking.  I tho...
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  • What's Your Favorite

    It was a warm day here in SW Ohio.  A perfect day for a Girl Scout or three to ring my door bell and sell cookies. At first 2 Girl Scouts that looked like sister came to the door. GoGo ran out the door rolled on ...
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  • Good morning

    Hi,     Happy Tuesday!!  How is it going?  My eyes show little change.  I didn’t get new glasses.  While I was at the mall I reserved the new Star Wars dvd.  I hear it has a h...
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  • Updating  some good Netflix/Amazon shows to catch

    Hubby and I loved :   Justified Designated Survivor The Crown We are watching' Blacklist' now   Chick flick I loved: Ann with an E of Green Gables   Please share any new series you recommend
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  • How Complicated Are You Going To Make This?

    We started smoking because we were idiots. We continued smoking because we were addicted to nicotine. So what excuse is there after we stop using nicotine? What will be an excuse to start smoking again, say after 6 mo...