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Smoking is gross

Posted by SisBB Apr 9, 2020

I had a breakthrough today! I saw someone smoking on TV and instead of being jealous I found it to be totally gross. That made me really happy. 


I’ve never spent so much time alone in my whole life and I’m learning so much about myself. 



Posted by bonnie.s Apr 9, 2020

I had to go to the grocery store and while In line at the customer service counter I overheard the cashier telling a lady in front of me that they were out of her brand.  The lady was discussing other brands she'd smoke instead.  The cashier said they were selling out fast.  That made me stop and think about the panic I myself would be in right now if I still smoked.  I'd be out right now trying to hoard cigs like toilet paper!  I'd have no concern for mine, or possibly my daughters safety right now.  Cigs would be my priority.  Sad thought!  I can feel empathy for that lady.  I'm so glad that isn't my reality anymore.  


Just For Today 

Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Apr 9, 2020

Just for TODAY I will NotTakeOnePuff


Message from Linda Mustafa

Posted by ShawnP Champion Apr 3, 2020

It’s the 4th of April and I’m celebrating 6 years of smoke free yeahhh <img src='' class='jive_emoji'/><img src='' class='jive_emoji'/>
Do you mind if you share this little post on EX for me please and say hello to everyone <img src='' class='jive_emoji'/>


Hello everyone on ExFamily .
I hope that you are all well and coping in this situation .
For people who don’t know me I’m Linda and I live in London .
Today I’m celebrating 6 years of smoke free <img src='' class='jive_emoji'/>free from poison , addiction and potentially a lot of damage to my health if I was still addicted during this pandemic situation.
Every doctor has been advising of the dangers and harm the Corona virus can do to the lungs so for me and all of you guys our decision to stop inhaling poison into our lungs might just save our lives .
I must admit , although not sure as to why but I’m guessing the time nearer to the big anniversary as it sometimes happens during those occasions I’ve been thinking of the past and that did include my addictive past and there was somewhat a tendency to entertain the thought which I quickly diverted to the reality as something nonexistent and not doable at all from my part .
The brain does fully understand that the addiction is in the past yet the pandemic situation has brought up a situation that was extremely new to me and to the rest of us and all of a sudden the anxiety , fear , uncertainty have risen so much that the other senses -the coping mechanisms were alerted and hence the various thoughts came back because as we know we’ve used our addiction to cope even though at the time we probably weren’t aware of it .
To begin with I couldn’t understand why but then as I was thinking about it I was sure of it and remembered when Dale at the beginning of my quit used to say that we have to experience everything once or twice for the behaviour to change so I guess we are experiencing this new thing now as full on as anything else we’ve experienced.
All of us are going through this together no matter the country , race , gender -we are all in this together and we will get through it .
Stay strong , cherish your quit because it’s literally saving you , try and be positive , don’t read or listen to a lot of negative news , try and enjoy your time at home perhaps doing things that you never had time to do in the past or learning something new .
My best wishes to all of you and especially to my dear EXFamily friends -you all know who you are -I love you , I miss you and wish only the very best for each and every one of you .
Thank you ever so much for always supporting me and being there when I needed you .
Take care and God bless us all in this time of need <img src='' class='jive_emoji'/><img src='' class='jive_emoji'/>
Linda 2190DOF
6 years of freedom


Do Not Fear 

Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Apr 3, 2020


 I will NeverTakeAnotherPuffEver and SINAO - SMOKING.IS.NOT.AN.OPTION - N.O.PE - NotOnePuffEver - JUST FOR TODAY- and ONLY by God's grace - I received 3375 NON SMOKING living days- TODAY  - thank you EVERYONE here for teaching ME by YOUR examples  - Y'ALL taught ME to keep in MY HEART - an attitude of GRATITUDE -  will keep ME in the NOW constent moment of MY DAY  -  HELPING and encouraging OTHER'S -  to blog -  BEFORE -  taking that first PUFF over MYselfjust for TODAY - please choose to BLOG - I know I am POWERLESS to make any human change OR cure humans from their ADDICTION TO NICOTINE OR cause humans to SUCK ON DEATH STICKS - OR make any HUMAN to DO anything -  yet it is MY HOPE YOU would BELIEVE those with continuous YEARS living NICOTINE FREE and COPING with LIFE on life's terms and  - if - WE -  can STAY NICOTINE FREE - TOGETHER -   YOU too can CHOOSE for YOURself because -  YOU believe for YOUR self - YOUR worth NICOTINE FREEDOM - yahoooooooo -



Posted by nevergiveup Apr 3, 2020

Not sure if I've always been this way but probably at least to a certain extent. So quick react. Not necessarily outwardly by physical action but rather mentally. Been on my mission to successfully quit for good a little over a year. Do I/have I thought about it too much? Yep. New goal is to redirect my focus and energy into action. Caught somewhere between wanting to sleep all day & wanting to save the world...or at least my lungs. As for wanting to save the world, well, that is obviously a whole different HUGE issue to say the least. So surreal. That is all for today really. 



Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Apr 3, 2020

When I sucked on DEATH sticks - MY thoughts were .....ahhhhh now I am calm.......or I thought I hate.......when MY sentence began with those words -  I would smoke a pack in a second...over MY FEELING THINKING.......MY OLD ADDICT thoughts - were MY FEELINGS - leading ME -  into believing - that I needed to SMOKE - that I enjoyed SUCKING ON DEATH STICKS .....I REALLY believed that in MY HEART and soul and MY OLD I wouldn't let ANY of these mean and nasty FEELINGS out - because I would HURT PEOPLE - with MY FEELINGS -  TODAY I have a NEW MINDSET based on FACTS -  please I am talking about ME not anyone else - please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you - FACTS and not MY FEELINGS leading ME OR MY FEELING MOUTH - it is SELF DISCIPLINE -  that I learned from other PEOPLE who were using their personal free will to CHOOSE how they wanted to live TODAY -free from NICOTINE ADDICTION -  I am an ADULT TODAY - after YEARS abd YEARS of admitting deafeat and I needed PEOPLE to HELP ME LEARN proper perspective of a God of MY understanding and of MYSELF and of PEOPLE in general and  inside MY heart and mind and will and emotions - MY SOUL - it is easy to people please and say what other's want to hear - TODAY - I don't people please TODAY - I share MY experience and  strength and MY RECOVERY from MY DRUG ADDICTION TO NICOTINE - to be HELPFUL and NOT for a popularity contest - TODAY - I SHARE MY TRUTHS and the lengths I went to suck on DEATH STICKS - how I chose NOT to be responsible with ALL of ME just so -  I could smoke at people because inside of ME -  I hated what HAPPENED to ME as a child - I hated ALL the things I was taught as a child by sick and evil people and TODAY ONLY by God's grace I pray for PEOPLE - I think of PEOPLE above MYSELF because of. MY God who is love and peace and joy and faithful and good and gentle and long suffering and kind and self- controlled and WHO teaches ME to allow ME free will to CHOOSE each day - I choose tough love and be honest and courageous with other's out of MY God's love in ME and God gave ME free will - I ain't HIS robot - HE HEALED ME inside and I CHOOSE to speak LIFE speaking words NOT DEATH words to other's - I choose LIFE - to tell the truth about NICOTINE ADDICTION - and to talk about what I did to SUCK on DEATH because I was a VICTIM of other's WRONG teaching as a child and with the HELP of God and receiving-  HIS free gift of eternal Salvation written in 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1- 4 - please get a Bible and read it for YOUR self - thank you - it was SUGGESTED by PEOPLE that I get -   PROFESSIONAL therapy - to deal with being raped as a child from age 6 to age 15 and it was SUGGESTED by PEOPLE that joining other 12 step SUPPORT groups for MY MANY addictions - I would receive MORE SUGGESTIONS on how to grown up INSIDE and STOP blaming PEOPLE for MY CHOICES on HOW MY life was turning out TODAY - it was MY responsibility to LEARN and to be responsible for MY OWN FEELINGS and to feel them and admit them and NOT let them RUN MY LIFE by ALWAYS saying...I feel PEOPLE are...I FEEL like......I FEEL your.....I FEEL like SMOKING.....I had to THROW away ALL MY OLD ADDICT feeling thinking and feeling habits and feeling patterns and start to pay ATTENTION to the WAY I was SELF talking to ME - then AFTER 33 YEARS of MY God working INSIDE of ME - TODAY -  I am filled - INSIDE MY HEART with a NEW MINDSET - it is written - I have the mind od Christ - I STOP saying - I feel like smoking -I feel like.....- and TODAY -  I think FACTS ......I believe in FACTS - not MY feelings which come and go and are fickle and I will have MANY more FEELINGS coming and going - TODAY I am responsible and I CHOOSE to spread peace and love out of GRATITUDE to MY God for keeping ME in HIS peace and love - to pass on to ALL other's for I BELIEVE MY God bless ME with ALL YOU PEOPLE - I need YOU ALL to HELP ME to continue to LEARN and GROW and as God's HEALING peace and love in ME day by day - I CHOOSE to give peace and love away to STAY a NON SMOKER enjoying peace and love each MOMENT of MY NOW BECAUSE Y'ALL keep me LEARNING and growing BY YOUR examples of - NeverTakeAnotherPuffEever and N.O.PE - NotOnePuffEver over ME 



Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Apr 1, 2020

THE battlefield is in MY MIND - please I am talking about ME -  NOT anyone else - please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you - I thought smoking was relaxing ME - I thought smoking kept angry words quite inside ME - I thought smoking was cool - I thought smoking helped ME to cope with MY life - I thought smoking ......the thoughts of MY OLD MINDSET of excuses could go on to Infinity - TODAY MY battlefield in MY mind is getting a proper perspective - dealing with MY feelings and reactions and choosing to respond OR just use curse words because I am to immature and lazy to structure a proper sentence to communicate as a mature adult - all this goes on in MY mind and I have NOT yet let any words come OUT of MY mouth -  YET  - the battlefield in MY MIND wrestles with medical facts - about a friend of mine who quit smoking 17 YEARS ago - and is now SUFFERING -  the consequences of lung cancer and pneumonia - and was also tested for ccv19 - the test came back NEGATIVE yesterday. - TODAY he is getting put on a ventilator - due to LUNG CANCER and pneumonia - it started a while ago in his body with a tooth infectio and the ripple effect from bacteria going into his blood from an infected tooth -  plus high blood pressure - plus diabetes - plus extreme obesity - he lives life in a wheel chair from his weight - ADDICTIONS of all sorts - but for the grace of God go I - plus bad kidneys - plus all stemming from medicine's - he has taken to live - plus with each pill - with it's side effects from each pill - put the medical FACTS not feelings TOGETHER -  for year's he has been taking them to live and NOW come to - FACTS not feelings - as each ADULT in his life the ripple effect how his life touches so many other's lives - the single mom's that tell his grandchildren age 17 13 and 11 - about their grandpa and the consequences of HIS CHOICES  - and MY battlefield -  in MY mind -  is to continue praying and thanking God for HIS love mercy and grace - asking MY Holy Spirit to teach ME - to let EVERYONE -  do their part and for ME to rest in God's plan and outcome for all individuals involved - and NOT once was MY THOUGHT of OLD addict nicotine nature - MY NEW MINDSET .- was to think of other's above MYSELF and be a BREATHE of fresh air and encourage - MY daughter's - that they are GOOD mom's and teachers to their children TODAY and. always - to BELIEVE their Dad will be ok - because HE is in God's loving hands in OUR Lord Jesus name - BELIEVE their Dad is in God's OUTCOME - amen - this NEW MINDSET of mine has been working for 9 YEARS as a NON SMOKER by MY Lord Jesus faith in ME  - ONE BREATHE AT A TIME -  for ME - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER - over ME OR emphysema OR pneumonia OR a ventilator - ALL happening to MY friend in Jesus - who is MY Lord and  I BELIEVE in HIM and I TRUST in HIM and I will continue OBEY MY Holy Spirit in ME through HIM - NO MATTER WHAT



Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Apr 1, 2020

  I am crying and adapting and praying and dealing with a very sore neck and shoulder pain from new stretching dvd by Donna Flagg - she calls this STRETCHING dvd - Lastics - I been DOING it - 3 times a week - since January 2020 - then YESTERDAY -  I came and seen these WHACKA DO CHANGES here on this site AGAIN - just MY saying - on MY home page here and researched it and figured out a couple things by - GUESSING - making change. -  that I wanted on MY home page -  YET couldn't DO much - so I just logged out - I came back and read a blog by Lady G and left her a NO comment graphic - I was so cry baby ME inside - I am NOT computer savvy - I become over whelmed by NEW changes on this site - I just get ok and a little educated by learning graphic sharing and then BAMM- NEW UPDATE TO SITE - I didn't see or read any email from this site OR messages of any kind - that THEY would be DOING changes to THEIR site - YET THEY don't have to tell or ask ME anything - it is THEIR SITE NOT MINE  - THEY can DO anything THEY choose - so NOW comes - MY prayer - Dear God please HELP ME in Jesus name amen - please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you - I tried to update the part that says I haven't been updated 3 years - I gave up and logged off AGAIN - anyway - I am ACCEPTING better in this moment - I ate lunch and I laid down and rested - NOW I am SHARING MY immaturity at this NEW CHANGE - this site has made -  to which I admiting-  I am POWERLESS to change this site's choices and MY Holy Spirit in ME is HELPING ME to thank ALL of YOU for teaching ME to BREATHE -  3 deep breaths - blog a VENTING BLOG  - then while I am adjusting MY attitude and MY Holy Spirit in ME HELPS ME to grow up on MY insides - I am to be proud of MYSELF - accepting CHANGE as it comes  - I am grateful to MY God for HIS grace and love and tender mercy in ME to admit MY OWN defeat and admit MY immaturity and I am admitting to MY illusion of controlling this site - feeling thinking I can make THEM - do things MY way -   I am ok with their CHOICES -  to update this site anyway THEY choose - THEY OWN it and THEY want updates -  I am joy filled that I have grown up in being RESPONSIBLE for MY emotions to blog this truth about ME and NOT once did I want to suck a 50 DEATH STICKS - I am GRATEFUL - I am flexible - in accepting changes -  as THEY are happening on this site - which I do NOT own - yahooooooo -  I am a young and beautiful and living and loving - MY NON SMOKER lifestyle - I am one who knows - HOW to COPE with this SITE DOING things THEIR way and I still am willing -  to share MY truth and be OK inside of ME- I will continue to CHANGE for the better in MY HEART about ME - good OR bad OR indifferent OR just pitching a fit in one moment of MY day - I am LEARNING in MY CONSTANT of MY NOW  - because this SITE will continue to change and grow as THEY adapt to 2020 technology's FAST growing changes to STAY ON TOP and ONLY by MY God's grace - I too will be ever learning and growing and HEALING inside MY HEART in MY Lord Jesus name amen - thank YOU ALL- for letting ME share just pitching a fit 


On the bright side

Posted by Thelastquit2019 Mar 29, 2020

This has been a rough weekend.A lot has happened in my family .My son was trauma alerted to hospital last night he was in a motorcycle accident ,He is going to be okay .He is very lucky to only suffer a broken leg and major road rash .He was wearing shorts .It was more stressful because when I got the call I was also told I can not go to hospital because of the covid 19 precautions .Which I understand stand and completely agree with ,But it still is hard.On the bright side during this very emotional night I never once thought of a cigarette or smoking.It does get better .Im finally seeing this .Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.


What A Day

Posted by msmmm215 Mar 29, 2020

Watching tv and very afraid of catching the virus that's out here.  But I know smoking willnot change a thing. Feeling sad, with so much going on in the world which I have no control of. I didn't want to mention my quit to family or friends, since I failed before.  So I'm just going to do it. They will notice because most of my family members donot smoke. I'm def going harder on this quit.

These are EXtraordinary and EXtremely Exceptionally terrifying times BUT we can and will get through whatever comes our way we'll make it through and we'll keep our precious quits in tact so when this pandemic is over we'll continue to EXperience the Freedom of living a Smokefree Life it's EXtremely difficult right now BUT relapsing isn't the answer NOT when our lives are hanging in the balance we need our lungs because breathing is essential to living....

Here's a question for you ......

I'm just as stressed as pretty much everyone BUT I'm finding a little humor is good.

How about one more!  

I am using these words to pass on MY FAITH - I prayer - THROUGH MY day -  in the CONSTANT of NOW - I ask for ALL of YOU who rest in Christ Jesus to prayer for EVERYONE -  who doesn't have Jesus as their Savior and Lord - please CHOOSE for YOURSELF - to teach the gospel of grace - given to YOU freely - 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1- 4  - read it in the Bible - NOW. - for YOUR self - take God at HIS Word and just BELIEVE  - the FREE gift of eternal salvation - to believe personally in YOUR own heart in Christ death and burial and resurrection - HE did it ALL for YOU - just BELIEVE what YOU read in the Bible for YOURSELF and YOU are saved - it is that SIMPLE - I am asking to - please read for YOURSELF -  I Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1- 4  - I read God's Word and I believe what I read in MY simplicity and cry out in MY Lord Jesus name - now because I don't UNDERSTAND ALL - YET I keep believing reading studying Gods Word for MYSELF -  to keep WALKING by FAITH and not by sight -  that is challenging to ME and ALL the people who have died in ALL the world from CV19 is frightening to ME and YET - I hold on to MY FAITH - which is in MY Lord Jesus faith in ME - it is the FRUIT of MY Holy Spirit in ME working to keep praying for ALL the world's people and thanking God HE is in CONTROL of ALL the world - I take HIS Word and read it out loud - Dear Father God in Jesus name it is written  - Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer - amen - I received a call last night from MY friend of 35 year relationship - her brother and wife and daughter went to ER and she is WAITING to hear back IF they have CV19 - I prayed last night and continue prayers in MY CONSTANT of NOW -  since ALL this test of MY FAITH started- please I am talking about ME not anyone else - so please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you - I received a text asking to be taken off group texting from this women WHO started group texting in support of a on line 12 step group because her husband had a stroke YESTERDAY and she has also been dealing with her daughter having cancer so she wanted  off  the group for NOW while she deals with her current life - EVERYONE is dealing with their OWN sufferings - TODAY WE are in UNITY - n.o.p.e. NotOnePuffEver - N.O.P.E. - CV19 is real - CANCER is real - COPD is real - MY REALITY is too REAL for ME so I run to MY God and pray in MY Lord Jesus name amen THANKS for letting ME share MY FAITH and MY HOPE and most of ALL MY humaness that cries to ALL of YOU here - I need YOU - I am scared for MY friends family and I appreciate ALL of YOU who have EMPATHY for MY fears and anxieties that make ME cry out to fellow sufferers like ME - HUMAN

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