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when it gets fixed, let me know

Than most other cancers combined.

You don't have to have been a smoker.

I saw this on the news yesterday.

      They were interviewing a non smoker who said she had a pain in her back after carrying bags of potting soil. She went to her Dr. and found she had stage 4 lung cancer.


The 10 deadliest cancers and why there's no cure - Health - Cancer | NBC News 

You gotta raise a flag  You gotta take a stand

Smoking doesn't get up and leave your head without a plan


Plan new things for times you'll miss   you may get mad, you may get pissed

Expect to have your feelings hurt, some days may feel as low as dirt

Time will play it's silly games,  rains will come to freshen and clean

Flowers will grow, things will green,

hard days will grow far between


Feelings, tears, and  fears will pass, get yourself up off your ass

It'll all pass, in time   it'll all pass in time,

BELIEVE, BE SURE  and you'll be fine



If you can do a single day  you can do that week away

A month is not too much  We'll hold your hand and be your coach

Be in this for you to find freedom that you never knew

Let positive thoughts support your choice  

talk yourself through Hear Your Voice


Sliced the artery in his neck




Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Feb 4, 2019

It's the unfamiliarity of not smoking


the link below has parallel's with quitting.

some insights, and, helpful suggestions.




How To Be Productive When Your Life Is In Chaos - Darius Foroux - Pocket 

More than you know, but,

perhaps, not as much as you think...


You may not know a thing about quitting

Maybe failed a thousand times

But there is nothing to fear,

Can I make it more clear,

Quitting never killed anyone, right?


Do you get it?

You must

let it 


And allow the time.


 better now?




Now, all you people who want to talk about tires, go to the tire site!

Thank you.





there is more to life than smoking

live a little

laugh a lot


      What does 12 weeks or 6 months or forever on nicotine after you've quit smoking really guarantee?

      Not a whole lot.

      You are still closer to smoking by using it than someone who has worked their way out from under it.


      That old cigarette delivery system was the quickest way to your brain.

and you know it!

      If you are still thinking nicotine is the only reason you smoke?

      Nicotine is what keeps you coming back before you stop using it but, it is half the reason we smoke. Actually, I consider nicotine 10% of the reason that drives people back to smoking. IMO, Unlearning smoking is 90% of final success.

The problem is the ritual has taken over our lives.

      That ritual lodged in our routine is what makes people who haven't yet attained 4-6 months quit go back. They haven't turned their thinking away from smoking as yet, and actually most of us haven't at that stage.

      So, how do you know if or how to get off nicotine?

      You can't if you don't test yourself a little bit. 

      If you forget to use your patch, or you forget to take your nicotine with you, you test yourself and you make an informed decision by listening to your body. Nothing's keeping you from doing what you were doing if you're still uncomfortable but, how else are you going to know?




      I'm not telling you to get off your nicotine, I'm telling you how to.

It's called look before you leap.

It's called common sense over emotion.

It's called "take a breath" don't jump to your death.

It's called WTH are you doing Fred?


Use your innerhead.

If you consider that who you are is a collection of thoughts

it's everything, it's all you've got.

      That's how I'd feel if I lost my quit gave up my quit.


      Do you think I wouldn't remember how and when I started back smoking?


      Hell, I would run it through my head over and over again.

      In the end, I'd know it was my choice to smoke.


      If you value the time you've got into your quit you won't throw it away.

      If you value it, you can't forget how you lost your investment.


      Remember, once you really give it your best, even if you fall, you'll never think of smoking or enjoy it in the same way.


Then, will you succeed.

In the beginning of your quit, and, for quite awhile,

It feels unnatural to not smoke.

We can get fidgety after we quit.

Which can lead to discombobulation.


I cut a straw into thirds and I would chew on them.

It released the unease and tension created by not smoking.

Some use flavored toothpicks.

A rubber band on the wrist.

Find your distraction.

It's easier to let go of later than letting go of smoking seems now.

      I was a smoker for 40 years. I thought I was a smart smoker.

I bought 100's and only smoked them halfway down thinking the further away from the cherry, the safer the smoke and my lungs. I was aware I was smoking 5 good puffs for the feeling. I like many, didn't think about smoking any more than that, if they even thought about it that much.


      I never considered it controlled me although I did go outside during intermissions to smoke. 


      What I've learned is, it does control you and, I believe other than PREVENTING OBVIOUSLY KNOWN HEALTH RISKS, that removing it's control is the greatest success for your self esteem.


Let's talk about smoking's control.

Cigarettes were on our mind 20 times a day more or less.

>When we thought of smoking, most of us had to stop what we we're doing to go smoke.

>If we couldn't stop the task or end the conversation, we thought about smoking until we could smoke. That wait is what made smoking "the reward."

That is control perceived or not.


Other ways smoking controlled us

>The special trips to the store just for smokes.

>Wondering if you had enough left to get you through the night and the next         morning until you could get to the store.

>The yearly costs which could have gone to other things like a real vacation.




Freedom is your hope and hope is your freedom.

That is what we strive to inspire in you.


Regarding my methods: Some think I can be harsh. That is not my intent.

      I would never hurt anyone's feelings over what they had done or not done regarding their quit but, I'm not a fawner. (I do love those here who can be both the fawner and the helper. Hopefully, I've helped teach them something.)

I will ask questions if I think I can help someone who smoked understand how their thinking made them smoke and how to prevent them from "getting to the point of crossing the line" in the future.


Not Critical, Analytical 

you would not be focused on smoking or not smoking.


Blame your uneasiness and temporary discomfort on smoking, not quitting.

 Over time, you can psychologically disconnect from it,

and, be over it, FOREVER.



The Only Way Out Is Through!

"We start dying from the day we are born."


      I had a guy on Quora say that in defense of having a couple cigarettes a day.


      Someone asked if a couple cigarettes a day were bad for you and I explained one cigarette can cause a heart attack or stroke and that your risks for both are substantially increased by smoking one or two a day.


      This guy says it isn't so and I tell him to google it and get back to me.

While he was doing this, I found at least 6 links backing up what I said. (these are 2018 articles based upon new studies.)


      He comes back with (only) one of the links and says "It only mentions one cigarette can cause a stroke in the title."  I tell him he needs to go to all the links I found and tell them they are wrong.


Then he comes back with this


"We start dying from the day we are born"


He doesn't understand

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