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Initially I felt, I am not going to succeed in quitting....

So I did not tell anyone at my workplace for first ten days, I know, if I fail, people will laugh at me. 

Initially I had mild headaches, 

and .... I assumed that these are excessive thinking about quit.

I used to had increased appetite..

so kept drinking  a lot of plain water.

The life was not smooth, and had lack of confidence during day time....

so use to breath looking at one single point with concentration. Used to pick up easier activity in workplace first, and later the complicated jobs. 

And insomnia was guest appearance for many nights....

I bought good books physically, and turned  to be good reader.


Good to be prepared for side effects of quit smoking.

These are, at times, worse than you imagine.

Resultantly convert into relapse.


All the best new joiners..


World is changing

Posted by green1611 Feb 12, 2020

Insatiable cravings used to trouble me, I jotted down with pen and paper, all my precursors, which mostly turned out for smoking e.g. strong tea/coffee, after lunch/dinner, long conference calls, driving car etc. Recognising them early helped a lot !. I was prepared for cravings so to say !


First few hours of quitting it was penalising feeling in mind. I want to smoke, and I am penalising myself by not smoking.  I started thinking  the other way, you are enjoying quitting and quitting is helpful for my enjoyment. 


I experienced and share with almost all my dear and near ones that  - "World is same, as it was, when I were smoking, ... however now my world is changing for better"


I used to go for multiple times brushing initially, that keeps good smell, and cravings away.


My old hobby reading books physically (not on tab or computer), I brought  into reality. I purchased many good books,  and read it....enjoyed reading !


You are responsible for change, and world is changing for you !

Many a times..

Cravings kill us.

Cravings make us loose the game.

Cravings make us go for cigarette

Cravings make us think of whole life with out cigarette, and entire life ahead without cigarette is impossible, so why not smoke now?

Cravings make us to go the same spot just for the sake of remembering earlier moments!


So what do we do?


Ask yourself a question,

if I had not smoked for fourteen days (say for example), why would day 15th would be difficult? 

I will not smoke today, like last fourteen days.

I was happy last fourteen days, and now also.

I do not want to go back to hell of smokers, where I am none but slave..


such thoughts might help to get rid of such cravings mentally.


Gain confidence..All the best..


It was Monday

Posted by green1611 Jan 27, 2020

It was Monday...smoking quit.


The whole day went as normal, but back of mind busy..quit smoking from today.  I would have smoked few cigarettes more than normal. Last three four days, it was in my mind that I must quit.


and that Monday, around 9.30 pm, I smoked last cigarette.. I still remember it was half I smoked, and half I kept on ashtray saying that we will not meet again. No No No. I had tears in may eyes, went to bed and could not sleep properly the whole night! and journey of quit smoking project started then onwards.


Nice to say now that, that Monday was 322 weeks back.. November 25, 2013. And from November 26, 2013 onward, absolutely different, happy and lively life ahead.


My all gratitude to this community and help I received during initial days !


New joiners.. believe in you. Quitting smoking is doable.


NOPE saved

Posted by green1611 Jan 18, 2020

My friend and me use to meet, once a while, like once in year or so,  over cup of tea/coffee and cigarettes. The meetings used to go for couple of hours. (in between couple of cigarettes are smoked) 


I met him after long time yesterday, and he asked me do you want to have one cigarette? (our earlier way of meeting?) I said no, he urged, nothing happens by one cigarette, I had also quit smoking, but let's have today, and enjoy our olden golden days with tea/coffee and cigarette. 


I asked my self quickly..

Do you want to restart smoking? 

Do you want to get into same slavery you had earlier before quit?

Do you feel you will be better off after smoking couple of cigarettes, and then back to quit again?

Do you want risks associated with smoking "sword of the Damocles?


The answers to above questions were and no.


Few quitters  like to taste the cigarette after long quit, only because they want to know how it tastes now? they have curiosity if it tastes same? and secondly they are confident, that they have gone through quit once, so they can quit again, hence does not matter couple of cigarettes today, "I can overcome future urge" overconfidence though.


If it is clear that I do not want to smoke again, then why go for couple of puffs now? is not that going back to addiction?


Hence NOPE..


My understanding of NOPE !



I stayed away from one puff and also convinced my friend to be away. We had multiple cups of tea and coffee, and had good meeting.


those initial days....

Posted by green1611 Oct 11, 2019

The small food joint, and behind that little hiding place. There are two undergraduate colleges in front, nice six floor buildings old construction, looking fresh still. Yes, thats my place when I was studying undergraduate.


And two roads join in a corner. That was the place, I had my first puff, second puff, then thrown the cigarette. My friend scolded at me, and picked up that invaluable half burn cigarette, and taught me how to smoke !!. I learnt quickly. It was fun, absolutely fun those days.!!! Completion of undergraduate, finding out ways to earn money, etc all is the history.

I became five a day smoker. For more than thirty five years.....


And I happened to be there, yesterday, for some work, passing on, so stopped....

And looked at the hiding place, it was there, may be little better now, students are ...yes.. learning undergraduate..

Initial smokers, fun smokers .. I saw, they were there like me,  some 35 years back.

I remembered my journey...... I wanted to tell them, do not touch this demon, no no no... but I did not.

Had some elderly person told me 35 years back, would I listened to him? do not know.


Now looking back after 2145 days of smoke free, (big thanks to this community), I felt that the girls and boys there ? will they sometime join Ex Smokers ever? or keep trying? or will keep smoking, and slavery of nicotine? who know..

Prayed they do not get addicted..


I came back, and followed my way to the work. On wheels, started driving the car !


Importantly, I realised later that it did not come to mind, not minuscule inducement, that ....let me have a one puff, in the reminiscence of olden days of undergraduate, old friends...


NOPE. Great !!

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