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82 Days Quit

Posted by aboyd63 Oct 27, 2019

Well here I am 82 Quit days. I know I don't  want to smoke ever again. Plus I know it's my choice not to smoke. So with that I know  I have to take my day as it comes and deal with it on the circumstances  that happen in the. moment. I know I'm  still in NFL and it can get hard in here but staying close to here and I'm reading Alan Carr's book   and reading in here all the time I have successfully  made it this far.  I want to thank the Ex's  group and my husband kboyd66 for your much needed support. I would love to have anyone give me any kind of suggestions or advice or your knowledge on how to stay quit .Have a great evening 

Arlene 82 DOF


The Car Trigger

Posted by aboyd63 Aug 25, 2019

Wow  I succeded and beat the car  trigger.  With everyones help I first sang., then i counted all the blue cars. and then i brought my dog mission with me. Got what I needed . Then headed home. I made it through that trigger With everyones help. I can say that I am proud of myself for doing the Exs suggestions it paid off.  I am grateful for the help from husband and the Exs support.Thank you All

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