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95 Days But who's counting.

Posted by Lisaml Apr 11, 2018

I am! I am! Yay!!! I feel SOOOOO much better lately. 

Rounding the corner into the triple digits this week, I have felt the vice grip of anxiety ease off a lot, thank God. Quite frankly, something HAD to give. That level of drama was not sustainable. I was ready to crack into a thousand pieces, and thank goodness that's behind me. When I think about how difficult quitting has been, my thoughts don't go to day 1, but day 80-90. How crazy is that?! That was literally my toughest time. 

Be gentle with yourselves, fellow quitters. It's a long road. BUT there's a little light down there, I'm catching glimpses of it. It looks GOOD. 


Smoke free muscles

Posted by Lisaml Feb 1, 2018

I've always exercised rigorously. I LOVE rpm (spin) class, body pump... zumba. 


My (flawed) thinking was this; "ok I love to smoke, so I will counteract the negative effects of smoking with the positive effects of exercise". Right? Wrong......


Well today my positive thought is this; during spin class this morning, I was not worried about breathing, coughing, huffing, puffing etc, and I kept turning that resistance up higher. I was AMAZED at how much stronger my lungs have gotten in 27 smoke free days. I was energetic, but could WORK so much harder, that I'm gonna have Tina Turner legs before you know it;-)  



smoking has held me back in many many ways for so long, I'm finding new freedoms every day!;-) 

Cheers! ❤️

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